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Balearic Islands Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) – Spain
SOCIB, the Balearic Islands Coastal Ocean Observing and Forecasting System is a Marine Research Infrastructure included in the Spanish Large Scale Infrastructures Network since 2013. SOCIB is a multi-platform ocean observing system that provides streams of data and forecasting services from the coast to the open ocean, by this supporting operational oceanography and contributing to establish and understand the services that the coastal ocean provides and that yield both ecological and economic benefits. Scientific excellence, new technologies and society response are our 3 key pillars, by this contributing to bridge the science-society gap.

SOCIB major components include:

  • Observing Marine Infrastructure; a multi-platform integrated system for monitoring physical and biogeochemical data, from the coast to the open ocean including:  surface drifters, vertical profilers, coastal and deep sea moorings, coastal stations, satellites, research vessel, HF radar, gliders, sea-turtles, etc.
  • Ocean Forecasting Infrastructure: (a) high resolution numerical ocean forecasting models for currents from the coastal to open ocean,  (b) high resolution wave forecasting in the coastal ocean and (c) coupled atmosphere-ocean meteo-tsunami forecasting system.
  • Data Centre/Cyber-infrastructure: opendata is the core of SOCIB that guarantees -real time or quasi real time and delayed mode- data archiving, processing, quality control, visualization, download and distribution from all platforms. All data are available online for scientists and society.


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Ocean State Report
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High Frequency Radar
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System Evolution