Copernicus Marine In Situ TAC


Within the broader community of operational oceanography, a wide range of national and international networks collect data of different kinds necessary to fit the needs of a variety of users. The Copernicus Marine Service INSTAC doesn’t operate these observing systems but integrates their data coming from many of these disparate data sources; it carries out coherent quality control, and distributes data products in a consistent and homogenous manner.

Homogeneity and standardisation are essential to ensure a coherent and efficient Copernicus Marine service. Consistency with what is done at international level is also important. Distributing a global and exhaustive ocean dataset means that INSTAC has to rely on the expertise of its regional coordinators, who are well-positioned to handle the specificities of their regional data collection systems, as well as identifying new data sources which may be interesting for Copernicus. Moreover it has to work closely with other European (EMODNETSEADATANETICES) and international ( GODAE, US/NCEI WOD) services and initiatives.