AZTI is a private non-for-profit research organization. Since 1981 its activities in Marine Research have been focused on topics that include marine management, implementation of EU directives, marine spatial planning, fish stock assessment, physical and biological oceanography, marine dynamics and modelling, marine environmental systems and marine
technologies. AZTI Marine Technology area has a long experience in oceanographic studies related to the Bay of Biscay and has been involved in several regional, national and European projects on operational oceanography (ECOOP, LOREA, OPERR, SPRES, JERICO, JERICO_NEXT, INCREASE, MyCOAST).

AZTI operates for more than 13 years the Coastal Observatory in the SE Bay of Biscay of Biscay EUSKOOS which leads to provide crucial information for application on safety and efficiency of marine operations, public health risks, and ecosystem and marine resources management. AZTI Marine Technology area is involved in several initiatives for coordination of High Frequency (HF) radar related activities at European level (J. Mader is chair of EuroGOOS HF Radar Task Team) and participate actively to different international forum for the operation and application of HF radar technology.


Lohitzune Solabarrieta
High Frequency Radar data quality control and processing
David Álvarez
IT expert for High Frequency Radar data integration
Anna Rubio
High Frequency Radar data quality control and processing
Julien Mader
Link to European HFR Node & Eurogoos HFR Task Team