Copernicus Marine In Situ TAC



Institute of Marine Research (IMR)  established in 1900, is THE marine national governmental institution under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries in Norway providing advice towards the government and international community on fisheries science and fisheries management. 
 plays a major role within the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES). In addition IMR take actively part in the Copernicus/GOOS activities, with a brief for ecosystem monitoring and research for better management of marine ecosystems and aquaculture.
 is responsible for the stock assessment and is involved in a wide spectrum of activities (field and modelling) and disciplines related to ecosystem dynamics (primary/secondary production, harmful algal blooms, fish larval growth), bio-physical interactions, and climate.

 hosts the Norwegian Marine Data centre. IMR has strong activities in collaborating with Fisheries by using the so-called Reference Fleet. In addition, IMR is responsible for the national Research vessel fleet organisation. IMR is in charge of the operation of the Arctic INSITU TAC component.

IMR is in charge of the Arctic INSITU TAC component and in charge of the task to improvement of REP biogeochemistry products. Cointact:


Arnfinn Morvik
Manager Arctic TAC
Vidar S. Lien
Project member Arctic TAC
Kjell Gundersen
Improvement of REP biogeochemistry products
Asuka Yamakawa
Project member Arctic TAC
Jan Even Øie Nilsen
Project member Arctic TAC & BGC product management
Vitaly Dekhtyarev
Project member Arctic TAC
Henning Wehde
Project member Arctic TAC
Rocio Castaño Primo
Carbon REP operations