Copernicus Marine In Situ TAC



Nologin Consulting S.L.U. is a Spanish company established in the year 2000 that actively works with companies around the world. NOW Systems, the department dedicated to Ocean and Weather, has been developing tools and services to improve the knowledge of the marine environment and to facilitate decision making based on it for more than a decade. Nologin has been involved in In Situ TAC for Copernicus phase 1 through a technical assistance with Puertos del Estado. Moreover, as part of IBI MFC, Nologin Consulting is responsible for the transition, launch and control of operational forecasts of ocean circulation, waves and biogeochemistry, both on short-term and climate scales.

Nologin Consulting S.L.U. is participating in the following tasks:

  • Task 1. Near Real Time Operations:
    • NRT operations in the IBI region, production and quality control.
  • Task 2. MultI year Operations:
    • Recovery of historical data in the IBI region.
    • Product quality multi-year assessment for Wave REP product.
    • Development of Sea level REP product.
  • Task 3: Interfaces.
    • IBI region NRT, Wave REP and Sea level REP operations.
  • Task 4: System Evolution and implementation.
    • Sea level REP product development. 
  • Task 5: Crosscutting activities
    • Technical Working Group


Alex Gallardo
Operations & Development Wave Rep product support
Jue Lin
Sea Level reprocessing management
Raúl Alonso
Operations & Development Wave Rep product support