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PdE – Puertos del Estado (Spanish Holding of Harbours – has the role of coordinating and supporting the activities of the main harbours in Spain.
Amongst their legal competences is the study of the physical environment in the coastal area. The lines of work related to operational
oceanography are:

  • Control and management of the measuring networks of Puertos del Estado (deep water and coastal buoys, HF radars and tide gauges).
  • Support and development of an oceanographic database containing information from measuring networks, numerical models and statistical analysis.
  • Development of numerical wave and ocean circulation models. Operational forecast: wave, sea level and ocean circulation forecasted for Spanish harbours.
  • Climatic characterization. Climate change studies, and use of models in Hindcast mode to generate climatology.

Puertos del Estado is participating in the following tasks:

  • Management
    • Technical coordination
  • Task 1: Near Real Time Operations
    • NRT operations in the IBI region
  • Task 2: Multi year Operations
    • Recovery of historical data in the IBI region
    • Wave REP product
    • Sea level REP product
    • Extreme variability Ocean Monitoring Indicators
  • Task 3: Interfaces
    • IBI region NRT, Wave REP and Sea level REP operations
  • Task 4: System Evolution and Implementation
    • Sea level REP product development
    • Evolution of the Web site and dashboard
  • Task 5: Cross-cutting activities
    • Technical Working Group


Fernando Manzano
Technical coordination NRT&MY Operations & Web evolution
Marta de Alfonso
Management & IBI region and WAVE REP Leader
Begoña Pérez
Management & Sea level REP leader