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The Copernicus Marine Service has launched its new Sea Level Reprocessed product based on in situ coastal observations. These data are measured by tide gauges operated by national providers and aggregated through the…

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General Assembly of the In Situ TAC

The latest General Assembly of the In Situ TAC, the in situ component of the Copernicus Marine service, took place the 27th and 28th September in Brest. This was the first meeting…

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CMEMS In Situ TAC booth
Pretty Viewer - Dashboard as Advanced Tool

Last month Copernicus Marine Service announced the release of a new viewer called “Pretty Viewer” available at: This Viewer pivots on Web Map Services (WMS) which does not apply to…

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In Situ TAC at the 2019 Copernicus Marine Service General Assembly
Iberia-Biscay-Ireland Copernicus Marine Service Training Workshop

The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) benefits from a range of in situ observations, drawn from a wide variety of platforms, including autonomous ocean-based observatories and sensors aboard ships.…

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